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July 2016

It has been a while since I updated my blog. Thank you for coming back and see what's new ! Here a few pictures, the work is mostly self explanatory, but I add some info as necessary. Enjoy !

I went to see my sculpture in Whistler, a wheelchair accessible drinking fountain I created in 2000


    Whistler DFount plaque       Whistler Dfount        whistler Dfountain side



"Chinook Salmon" installation. A picture of the finished kitchen installation is yet to come.


Working on "Chinook Salmon" West Coast Marble, for a kitchen counter in private residence.

The island measures about  2.5 m x 1.70 m x 8 cm (10' x 5 'x 3") and the fish itself would be about 70 - 80 cm !  The slab was so big, I had to kneel on top of it to work. My poor knees ! The work was done at Matrix Marble, in Duncan, B.C.


  SOLD   It is always with a sad/happy feeling when I sell one of my sculptures. A client came to pick up a commission and decided to buy my sculpture "Bone". The cream coloured Onyx measures about 30 cm x 20 cm x 2 cm and is mounted on a cedar base.


Inscription for the base pieces on "The Emigrant" by Armando Barbon, 2013, in Halifax on Pier 21

 The base for the sculpture "The Emigrant" by Armando Barbon is made from Vancouver Island Marble. Each one of the five curved pieces represent a continent and I was commissioned to do the engraving. I did this work in the summer of 2013 but just now received some pictures of the sculpture on site. Here a short write up about the sculpture:

 "The Halifax Port Authority is pleased to introduce “The Emigrant,” the latest public art installation at the Halifax Seaport district. The beautiful bronze and marble monument depicts an emigrant leaving his home country to start a new life in Canada. The piece was designed, sculpted and generously donated by artist Armando Barbon, who was on hand for the official unveiling."  http://portofhalifax.ca

                                                                      Photo on the left by Elaine Vallis



I engraved this driveway sign on site, local Sandstone, Thetis Island, BC


 Headstones in Vancouver Island grey marble, grey granite and Vancouver Island white.


I attended Art Beat in Chemainus again this year. The turnout of both Artists and Spectators wasn't that great, but it is always fun to teach people about felting and to share my stone portfolio with the public. I have received another commission for a driveway sign. Both of these will be done "on-site" which means the client has a stone already in place and I will engrave the numbers. I enjoy the challenge of "in-situ" work, it's great to be outdoors as well - especially in this beautiful weather.


I engraved this driveway sign on site, in Chemainus, BC. Very high quartz content and very hard on my chisels.


I am finished teaching at Island Oak High School in Duncan and cleaning out my Art resource room as I decided not to go back to teaching off-Island in the Fall. Good thing too, as I have received several commissions for driveway signs and head stones. Like my friend said: " You close one door and another opens." Well in my case several doors open !

Latest addition,  16th July 2016,